Monday, June 6, 2011

First Weekend of June !

Finally we got some nice weather this weekend! We made the most of it. Our townhouse complex has a pool that hardly anyone ever uses so we get it to ourselves often, I took my daughter and some friends both days.

Then my brother and my nephew joined us for a sunday afternoon swim, my nephew is just learning to swim....

And of course my daughter wanted to be thrown in the water repeatedly by her uncle

Then on sunday evening friends invited us for a weenie and marshmallow roast for dinner... who wants to cook on a hot sunday evening???

 The kids climbed trees and played baseball, I cannot believe it was light out until 9:30!

I bought those giant marshmallows to roast, they were messy, they melted so fast you had to eat them quickly. We also decided we should stick some m&m's in some...I don't like marshmallows but they were good.

then we relaxed by the fire while the kids goofed off. You can see the trees in the water behind the kids.  That was the parking lot that we can normally park in. It was so hot so quickly that the Fraser river was raised significantly.

And as you can see from the pictures, everyman I know has a playoff beard and will not shave until the cup is ours. I think our friend mike wins (below), though I have not gotten a picture of my youngest brother yet. My youngest brother got a high stick in the face and would not let the doctor shave him to stitch him up, so apparently the doctor begrudgingly stabbed the needle through my brothers beard, heehee. Go canucks!

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  1. Send some summer over here, eh?

    Go Canucks go!