Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So I am starting a blog! Who knew I would venture onto something like this but I have learned so many things from reading other blogs on quilting,  gotten so much inspiration I thought I would share mine.
I started quilting just this last fall, I made nine quilts/blankets for gifts this past Christmas and it was so much fun and now I am officially addicted to fabric.

Currently I am working on a quilt for my daughter, she was so dissapointed that she didn't receive a quilt for christmas that it had to be the first thing i did in the new year. I am doing the entire thing in stripes of Heather Ross's Mermaid line, I love every fabric in this line and wish I could do one in each color.

I only have one fat quarter of the Mermaid presentation so I am piecing a center strip togather as a focal point in the center.

I have sewn the first half of the strips together and and have the second half all cut and waiting to be finished.

My daughter and I put together this cute little kitty in less than half an hour this weekend, I have to get her a small machine to start sewing herself she is too scared to use mine so she helps with everything else. I found the pattern here:

My Next project is one that was inspired by the first blog that I have ever read called Film in the Fridge her work is inspiring. This one will be a charm square quilt done in the dream on line by moda. I seem to have a charm square collection going as I have a whole shelf in my stash dedicated to charm packs.

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